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Legalflo simplifies the drafting of your business contracts by combining technology and service for an unparalleled experience.

Our products meet the highest security standards.

We develop software according to the highest market standards and host all our solutions and data in Quebec with SOC2 certified providers.

Produce your contracts in a few clicks.

Create a contract project

In no time, you are at the helm of your company’s destiny: Your next contract is in your hands!

Select your contract template

Choose from a multitude of pre-existing basic templates or from your custom templates and hop! We draft.

Customize the content

The clause that specifies THE unique thing to your industry, your negotiation, your client? It’s possible!

Export in PDF or Word format

Don’t like the look of a machine-generated contract? Neither do we! Because you have taste, we offer customization options that will make your contract unique.

Collaborate and enjoy real-time saving.

Draft and review your contract projects as a team and create an approval flow within your company. Need to make changes or provide clarifications to a collaborator? The integrated collaboration tools are here to help you.

We are more than an application.

You are not alone! We have a dedicated team to assist you in drafting your documents. Not sure about a clause choice or how to reflect a particular situation in a contract? Our partner Edilex Legal Services can collaborate with you on the Legalflo platform and develop customized templates for your business.

We are here to answer all your questions.

More than 6000 people work with us daily.

The software developed by Edilex is recognized by over 6000 people in leading organizations.


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